Lettuc-e-at Healthy is now Online

Hello & Welcome, A truly genuine site, purely on the broad topic of food, we intend to inspire all who have reached this page. To start of, i want to briefly explain how i came up with the name to this site. One day in my kitchen, I look at my sister fixing a bowl of salad for herself, cutting the different vegetables proportionally as if it was an art piece, then she said to me ‘It’s all about the lettuce’, there and then was when I decided to create this page and inspire the readers all around the world with different recopies, dishes, tips, food hacks and various other aspects that revolve around food,

For those who are wondering if you can benefit from your visit here, and we say, that’s why we are here. Our goal is to reach as many users as we can and help educate people about some issues such as dealing with junk food, or what to eat and not, specific diets that tackle the needs and desires of many individuals. We hope that we can cover everything that is food related in the least amount of time, we have included a comment section, so as the ‘contact us’ section, if you guys have any ideas or questions regarding this subject, please don’t hesitate and share your thoughts with us, we would love to have some feedback on some of the issues and topics mentioned throughout this site.

LettuceatHealthy Together, Bon Appetite…

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