Food Hacks 101

As we all know, humans tend to be creative in times of need, we have the urge of exploration and determination, it is what thrives us to success.

People discover shortcuts (Hacks) for almost everything, the population of this earth is too large for 1 person not to be the first to do something, we believe many of these tricks that we are about to check out, help us in real life situations where we might recall looking at those images. We hope we all learn a thing or two, enjoy…

1.Wrap Banana crowns in plastic or aluminum wrap.Wrap Banana Crowns In Plastic

2. The photo says it all…

Stawberry Straw Trick

3. Dental floss can perfectly cut soft solids

Dental Floss Can Perfectly Cut Soft Solids

4. Grill fish on a bed of lemons for a better taste.

Grill Fish On A Bed Of Lemons

5. Cheese bread hack.

Cheesy Bread Hack

6. Hold your taco firmly with a fork.

Hold You'r Taco With A Fork

7. Create Oreo ice cube, Genius trick.

Orea Ice Genious Trick

8. Use peppers or onions as a circular base for an egg to fry, Brilliant idea for breakfast.

Brilliant Idea For Breakfast

9. Check the rareness of the meat with pure simplicity.

Meat Rareness

10. Chopsticks made easy…

Sticks Made Easy

11. Summer cover for you’re drinks.

Summer Cover For Your Drinks

12. The Perfect Egg-Burger.This Is Going To Change Everything

13. To avoid all the mess around the cookbooks, use a hanger as a cookbook holder.

Use a Hanger as a Cookbook Holder

14. Avoid Kitchen Math with this guide.

Avoid Kitchen Math



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